terms & conditions


To secure your wedding date and book your complimentary trial, 50% of your total invoice is due to Kim Baker Gomez.

A second artist will be required upon the consideration of time and party size. The invoice price will reflect the hiring of a second artist. This will need to be decided upon as soon as possible so as to secure the assistant. 

Payment can be made through Venmo (@kimbakerbeauty), cash, or check sent via snail mail. Address will be provided upon request. All money will be paid to Kim Baker Gomez and distributed to the assistant(s) when necessary.

Payment is due by the scheduled end time. If this cannot be done, an additional $100 will be due to the artist with the final payment. For each additional day payment is not made to the artist, an additional $20 will be added. 

If payment does not go through, you will be contacted immediately. (1) If this occurs prior to wedding, you will have one week to secure payment before your wedding date is reopened. (2) If this occurs with the final payment, you will have a week to secure payment before an additional $100 is added to the bill. 

All money is non-refundable, unless due to artist's cancellation.

Prices are subject to change at the discretion of the artist. Any changes will be communicated and explained to the client in a timely manner.

For non wedding makeup applications, the total cost is due at the time of booking. 


When driving outside of the artist's area, $1/mile will be added to the invoice.

If travel is over an hour drive and starting before 9:00am, overnight accomodations will be made for Kim Baker Gomez.

Tolls, parking, and any unforeseen travel costs will be covered by the client


All trials are to take place in the artist's home office. If this cannot be arranged, and the above stated travel fees will apply.

One trial is complimentary when purchasing the Bridal Makeup Package. 

If an additional trial is needed for the bride after the complimentary trial included in the Bridal Makeup Package, and additional Client Makeup Trial will be purchased and paid for at the time of booking.

No trials can be used for any photographed events including, but not limited to engagement sessions, engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette parties, or dress rehearsal and dinner. In these cases an additional $100 will be added to the final bill.

If a photo is posted to social media of a trial, the artist's handle (@kimbakerbeauty) is to be tagged in both the copy and on the photo itself.

If a trial is completed prior to booking, the complimentary bridal trial can be used for another event. 

welfare of artist

Food (gluten free) will be arranged if the event is more than two hours or during a meal. 

Water is to be provided for the artist, and assistant.

A table will be required to house the products and tools, and two chairs will be required upon request when the artist chooses to sit during the appointment.

Ample space and good lighting will be necessary to perform to the best of our ability.

If any person in the room mistreats the artist or assistant in anyway, verbal or physical, either fore mentioned person has the right to refuse service or leave at any time due to said mistreatment. Regardless, full payment is due to Kim Baker Beauty on day of event.

If the artist chooses to leave prior to the designated end time for the fore mentioned reasons, payment can be sent no later that 24 hours past the original end time.

The artist allows for fifteen to thirty minutes of set up time and a minimum of thirty minutes for touchups and to apply lip colors at the end of the scheduled day.

Each client will receive a full hour appointment. It is the responsibility of the client to be prepared for their appointment 30 minutes prior. If a client is more than ten minutes late to their appoinment, the artist has the right to refuse or alter service. Full payment is still required before the artist leaves the room.

Artist’s information can be shared with coordinator, hairdresser, and other necessary wedding vendors.

welfare of client

It is the clients’ responsibility to disclose any allergies prior to any makeup application.

All products being used have been tested for longevity and appearance.

The artist will create a time schedule a minimum of three days prior to the event.  The schedule must be communicated with all participating persons in order to ensure a smooth day. 

If client requests the artist to use their own products or tools, the artist is not responsible for the appearance, longevity, or any reactions. Additionally, if the client applies their own makeup without verbal direction from artist, post artist application, the artist can no longer be held liable for the appearance, longevity, or any reactions.

It is the responsibility of the bride, or primary client, to communicate the schedule and all necessary details to all persons involved. 

If Kim Baker Beauty chooses to cancel your appointment, she will refer you to at least one other artist.


With verbal consent from the client, photographs taken by the artist will be used on social media.

With verbal consent from client and photographer, professinal photos will be used on social media, website, publishing or marketing.

All photographs taken and posted to social media by clients, must tag the artist's handle (@kimbakerbeauty).

By confirming any booking with Kim Baker Gomez by signing a provided contract and/or making a payment, you agree to all terms and conditions outlined above.