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Sarah Geib | 2017 | Cupertino  

"Kim is amazing! She listened to what I was looking for and made suggestions. She wasn’t ever pushy about her suggestions, just wanted me to make sure that I knew all of my options. All of my girls and my mama were very happy with their final looks!

Thanks Kim for helping make my day one I’ll never forget!"

Lolita Vazquez Photography | website

"I met Kim while on a wedding appointment in The South Bay this last Fall. I was SO IMPRESSED with her professionalism! It's very rare to see a mobile makeup artist be as organized as she is with not only her equipment, but with how she handles her clients the day of. She's a very kind person to boot. And her makeup skills dominate! I hope to work with her again someday." 

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Suzanne Butler Loftus | 2016 | Cupertino

Kim made me look the way I wanted, even though I did not know what I wanted.

Growing up, I never really dreamed of my wedding day. I never scoured bridal magazines for the perfect dress, I never put together a scrapbook, and I never picked out “colors” or considered décor. I definitely did not think about makeup considering I wear the same makeup most every day. My dress was very classic and plain, and my wedding was outdoors – Kim gave me a look that fit the day and just made me look like a better version of ME!

She also gave me some solid advice on my hair. I was convinced that beachy waves were the way to go (too much Pinterest) but she convinced me to keep a more sleek look.

She listened and adjusted.

I only had one thing that I wanted to change from my trial. Kim completely understood, and made the change so I was comfortable in my own skin. (Literally.)

I'm introduced to new products that I love!

For my bridal trial, my skin was a wreck from doing triathlons all summer: sun, wind, sweat, chlorine, etc. Kim turned me on to a couple of products, that made my skin look much better by my wedding day, and I still use them as part of my regular regimen.

Kim gets along well with others.

My bridal party, my mom, and sister really enjoyed Kim’s laid back, calm but cheerful demeanor. I really needed that! Everyone was in a panic to get ready, but Kim made me feel more relaxed. She got along great with the stylists from the salon, and our photographer. I hope there were some good connections made!

No makeup retouching needed.

Yes, my adventurous photographer had us hike up a hill in our wedding attire for pictures before the wedding. Although the bridal party may have been a little miffed, my makeup held strong! (Also, totally worth the great photos!)

Nina Pineda | 2017 | Palo Alto

I have known Kim for a better part of 6 years, and lucky enough to use her makeup talents for many different occasions. We first started working together on very artsy photo shoots. I would be sent to Kim's house hours before the shoot, initially not having met. We became friends fast and I began to trust her explicitly with my face. 

A few years later my best friend was getting married and I asked Kim to be her makeup artist. Kim was available and she happily obliged. Kim is always so prepared and organized that you (as the one in charge) have nothing to worry about. She takes care of timeline, and all of the necessary essentials, but most importantly she takes care of her clients. Needless to say our makeup day of my girlfriend's wedding was perfect and lasted the 14 hours it needed to. 

There have been several weddings after where I referred Kim as the day of makeup artist and every bride who has used her has been in love with her incredible talent. Kim has a way of seeing the beautiful features in a face and enhancing those to make the client feel the best they could possibly ever feel. 

Flash forward to a few weekends ago, my wedding! Since knowing Kim I knew that I wasn't about to let anyone else touch my face, and especially not on my wedding day. All the products Kim uses works with my sensitive, oily, acne prone, medicated skin. I was a tad nervous regardless. Kim listened to me when I told her my concerns and she made sure to use products that would not irritate my skin. I was happy to find that Kim's products were gentle on my skin- no irritation or break outs! We were a Go! She also made sure to give me options about how I wanted certain things such as eyeliner, lipstick, contouring etc. I love the darker more vampy look for makeup and she nailed it. As for day of makeup, she made me feel exactly how you're supposed to- perfect! I thoroughly trust everything Kim does, but she also takes direction well. If you're not happy with something, tell her and she will fix it. Kim strives to make her clients happy.

I am so lucky to call Kim a friend and my makeup artist (how fancy)! She puts so much love and compassion into what she does, and oh boy does it show! 


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Shannon Parola | 2016 | San Jose

As someone with severe allergies and barely wears any makeup as is, the thought of having to get my makeup professionally done for my wedding had me in a panic. Kim is a LIFESAVER! She listened to every worry and allergy I had. She had me bring in everything I was currently using, as well, as double checking with me and the internet on EVERY new product or brush she wanted to use.

I love that Kim always wants to keep your makeup true to you. I was never forced to pick a style I wasn't comfortable with. Kim not only did my makeup but kept me calm and laughing the morning of my wedding.

My entire experience with Kim was life changing and a huge boost to my self confidence. She is truly one of a kind!

Michelle McGinty | 2016 | Santa Cruz

Kim has done my make-up multiple times and I am always happy with the results.  I am more of a low maintenance, make-up free girl, so I have fun when Kim dolls me up!  For my wedding, I really appreciated how Kim was able to enhance my features for a more natural look, and not just cover me in tons of make-up.  This was really important to my future-husband and he LOVED my look!  Yet, if I do ask for a more sexy or creative look for a night on the town, Kim sure can deliver!  I also love how she doesn't make me feel like a duffus for not knowing a lot about make-up or skin care. She always has great recommendations for makeup and skincare; Kim puts a lot of thought into the products she suggests based on my budget and needs.

Kim's personality is super sweet and fun to work with.  She is also very professional, responding promptly to emails and showing up early.  You are in good hands with her!