shannon + andy.

I absolutely love when makeup brings people from my past back into my life. 

Shannon and I met my freshman year of high school while I was on the song pom dance team and her a cheerleader. Of all the cheerleaders, she was the most welcoming to the dancers and a ball of fun! 

When Shannon contacted me for her wedding, I was elated! It is so much fun reconnecting with old friends. 

Right away, Shannon shared her struggles with me. Not only is she has the most extreme case of celiac I have ever heard of, but she is allergic to most ingredients in SPF and silicone. 

This did not scare me away whatsoever, and I did my research. 

Lots and lots of research. 

When a client comes to me with allergies or sensitivities I look up the ingredients in all of my products and have them bring their own makeup kit to their trial. For Shannon, I was so nervous that I was overly cautious and ended up being unhappy with the results. When this happens, I will offer my brides a second trial free of charge. 

And I am so glad I did. 

I was able to try additional products and tools. Luckily, there was no problem whatsoever. We were both over the moon with the final look. 

With their passion of super heroes, they chose a uniquely themed wedding and venue: Captain America at the Tech Museum in San Jose, California. 

I was most excited about the look Shannon chose. To stick with the super hero theme, she chose a bad ass woman to emulate: Agent Carter. A classic beauty from the 1940s. 

What really touched me about this day was Andy's love for Shannon. Of course Shannon gushed about her love to me, but it's when the bride's friends share their fondness of the groom that will often bring tears to my eye.