clients + friends.

Friends who become clients. Clients who become friends. Both are so special to me. 

Regardless of the length of our relationship, the happiness of the person in my chair is my biggest goal. I achieve this by treating each bride like a dear friend. We will laugh, potentially cry, and I am going to be 100% real with you. 

This means that if you are requesting a look that I feel is unfitting of the wedding style, face shape or skin type, I will tell you. 

In the nicest way possible of course!

But this is why we do trials. To try! Maybe you have requested cool tones for your entire face while your wedding colors are all bright and cheerful. I would suggest that we try to warm up the face while still meeting your request with some cool tones on the eyes. 

A past bride really appreciated when I suggested to change the hair. While her gown was extremely chic and elegant, she had requested beachy waves due to a good ol' case of Pinterest over dose! She was elated with the finished look because it felt cohesive and truly her. 

A friend from middle school married in 2016.

A friend from middle school married in 2016.

I am also so overly aware of how important my interactions with you are. This is YOUR big day! As soon as I walk in the room, I am gathering information on how your interactions are, what kind of music you are listening to, and your body language. 

What do I do with this information?

I understand how to make small changes to help you relax and enjoy yourself. If your girls are rowdy, I'll pump up the energy and jump in on the fun. But, maybe you are feeling a bit anxious but the music is fast and loud. I may as the person with the music to slow it down and lower the volume. Sometimes, a simple hand on the knee or hug is what's needed in the moment. 

My kit includes more than just makeup!

Originally my wife's friend, now mine too!

Originally my wife's friend, now mine too!

I am also going to make as many accommodations for you as possible. I don't want to cause you any stress.

Do you want to be outside? Let's do it!

Do you need to stop and eat something? Go for it! Take care of yourself. 

Did mom change her mind and want makeup? I will stay as long as I can to complete any additional applications. 

Want to change your entire look? OK! 

I am here for YOU!

Client who became a sweet friend.

Client who became a sweet friend.

What I am trying to get at is that you are important to me. All of you! The girl I have known for ten years to the girl who found me on WeddingWire!

You do not only hire me for my skills, but my heart too. 

xo, Kim

kinsey + colin.

You know that feeling of instant connection? In August, Quianna Marie Photography referred her client, Kinsey to me. I was in Spain at the time, mostly disconnected, but happened to be checking my phone at just the right time. 

Kinsey text and we hit it off right away. 

Within the third text we already were on the topic of teaching. Her with high schoolers, myself with preschool. And we both agreed that the other is a saint for dealing with their age group. 

Then the wedding planning talk started. And oh do I feel her pain. Ever since my own wedding, working with brides has felt different. I am significantly more patient, more communicative, and feel more connected to each gal. 

Confession! Sometimes I tear up... ok, even full on cry, while driving to my weddings just thinking about my own, all the feelings, and knowing exactly how my bride is feeling. It is the most overwhelmingly happy feeling ever. I am so fortunate to recall this feeling so often. 

If you don't already know, moms are often my favorite clients- sorry brides! I do love you too. When I opened the door to see Kinsey and her mom, I was so excited! Mom got cozy on my little couch and I got to work.

The conversation was effortless and so enjoyable. We discussed everything from what I was doing, to parenting, and our careers as educators. I even got some in site on parenting an only child- bonus! 

My favorite part of the conversation is always when my bride talks about her love: how they met and what she loves about them. 

Kinsey and Colin met at the gym! He was training for a show and was quite "yoked". They chatted several times, but it wasn't until meeting again at church that they solidified their feelings for one another. 

And you can clearly see their love captured in their photographs. 

It was beyond hard choosing some favorites. So, I chose a lot. 

The styling. Locations. EVERYTHING! I am just so in love with these images of Kinsey and Colin's love for one another. 

"I like it when you smile, but I love when I'm the reason."

october is for darkness.

Traditionally, my job as a bridal artist is all about accentuating features, bringing light to the face and helping my clients to feel their best. 

Not today. 

I teamed up with Victoria Elena from Persephone Studios to get creative. We found inspiration in the Black Swan and all her grungy dark glory. 

Starting with the White Swan, I found the light first. Victoria has a gorgeous fair complexion that required very little foundation. Thus, I worked more so with various white products ranging from cream to powder and matte to shine. I enjoyed playing with the different textures, layering products to create dimension despite their monochromatic nature. 

But looking at my work, it felt incomplete and too pure. Thus, the gray eyeliner and the representation of imperfection.

IMPERFECTION. The true drive and theme of this photoshoot for me. 

From here, I continued to deepen the darkness. Thus, the final and photographed looks.

I had so much fun drawing outside the lines. Creating imbalance. Darkness. Grunge. The complete opposite of my usual art. 

The most difficult task of all for myself, was posing in front of the camera. It was hard to push aside my naturally uplifting personality to portray darkness and mystery. This is where Victoria was a true help. With her direction I was able to achieve our desired look. 

For your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!