lesson learned: why you should pay for makeup lessons.

With all endless makeup videos and information out there, it may seem redundant and a waist of money to hire a professional. 

Does this youtube "beauty guru" have an esthetician license or the same exact skin type and face shape as you? Do they explain different applications and why?

Every face is different from the skin to the shape. A professional will work with your specific needs and give you little tricks that apply only to you. 

Here is what I do with my makeup students:

  1. Questions. I ask a lot of them. They help me to make a plan that is all yours. It helps me to know what you have and what you do already. 
  2. Skin care. Together we will discover your exact skin needs. Are you oily, dry, combination, sensitive, acne prone, aging? From there, I will make suggestions for daily and weekly skin care routines. 
  3. Makeup. You teach me your starting point- what products and techniques are already in your bag. From there we figure out what is missing and fill in the gaps. This could mean shopping together, tweaking some techniques you already have, or starting fresh and working from ground zero.
  4. We work hands on. You will try everything I am telling you so you can feel confident doing your makeup solo. 

What if our schedules or locations don't allow us to meet? 

No problem!

We can set up a video chat and do the same thing! So, let's set something up! Contact me today. 

watch and learn.

With a weekday job, I have very little time to take courses and learn from other artists. 

Thank goodness for YouTube. 

Within the beauty world, it is a controversial topic. Some people swear by YouTube gurus, others are strictly against it all together. There is so much information out there, and much of it just blatantly wrong or not well enough explained. So much factors into makeup application. 

'The makeup you study is the work you eventually create.' {a loose quote from the intelligent and talented Sonia Rosselli.}

When I read the above message, it really struck me. While I also often learn what not to do by watching people, more often what we study is who we become. 

I started really diving into my artistry in 2009 with a love for eyes and all things colorful. The artists I watched at that time reflected these loves. Despite my transition into more natural beauty, I learned many techniques that I continue to use due to the endless hours spent watching and practicing. 

Now-a-days my time on YouTube is spent at the gym while doing cardio, and my recent favorite artists are all British. Below you will find some of my favorite videos from Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge, the Pixiwoo sisters, and Wayne Goss.

pretty parties.


I have the perfect excuse to get your friends together- as if you needed one!

Gather your friends and invite me too! I can provide a range of services from makeup lessons to on site brow waxing and tweezing.

My parties are for little friends too! Hire me for a facial party to educate your pre-teens and their friends about good hygiene and facial care. We can even make a our own facial masks!


Brows Did 

  • $15/person + $1/mile + 5 person minimum
  • $75 down to book event will go towards brow appointments 


Fancy Facial

  • $75/person + $1/mile + 5 person minimum
  • $225 down to book, balance due upon my departure
  • all product is provided
  • gift bags can be made upon request for an additional charge
  • 2 hours included + $100 for each additional hour


Make Me Up

  • $75/person + $1/mile + 5 person minimum
  • $225 down to book, balance due upon my departure
  • clients will bring their own makeup products
  • gifts bags can be made upon request for additional charge
  • 2 hours included + $100 for each additional hour


Little Friend Faces

  • $40/person +$1/mile + 5 person minimum
  • $100 down to book, balance due upon my departure
  • all product is provided
  • gift bags can be made upon request for an additional charge
  • 90 minutes included + $50 for each additional half hour

Interested in combining parties? No problem!

Make Me Up will include some basic skin care 411, but if you want to get into a deeper understanding and include a facial we can do that! Or maybe you want a brow party that includes a mask, let's chat. 

Whatever your little heart desires is my wish to grant!