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I met Priscilla at the start of esthetician school. I cannot even begin to explain the saving grace this gal was. She was my sanity amongst chaos. And if you've been to beauty school, you know you need one of these people. 

I didn't even quite realize how much I wanted to be a makeup artist, or in what way. Priscilla showed me the world of bridal and I fell in love immediately. 

Throughout our working and personal relationship over the last five years, I have grown through watching Priscilla work and our long chats on the way to weddings. She has not only taught me technique, style, people and business management, but has helped me process through a lot of life's ups and downs. 

But #MakeupArtistMondays is really all about artists who inspire my work. So let's move away from the mushy gushy and onto why Priscilla has truly shaped my artistry.

As I already mentioned, we met in esthetician school. While we learned a tremendous amount about skin here, it was Priscilla who introduced me to the products and techniques of skin prep. The idea of plumping and preparing the skin to balance and create a natural glow from within. She taught me how to evaluate the client's skin in order to appropriately choose products. Whether the client needs one overall product, a combination of several all over, or to area treat depending on the skin's needs. 

Furthermore, she greatly influenced the look and application techniques I continue to use. How to slowly build an eye look for intensity while also being soft and romantic. Or how to mix the perfect lip color. She truly trained my eye to understand color and to see where products need to start and stop or slowly fade away. 

It is in the smallest of details that I learned through observation, direct instruction, and genuine friendship that has turned me into the artist I am today.

Thank you Priscilla. I appreciate you.

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what is branding?

Branding. Personal brand. Cohesive brand. Cross platform branding. 

Heard these terms recently? 

Regardless if you own a business, you are a brand! Who you show yourself to the world is your brand. What we wear, what we post to social media. It all affects the brand that people see us as. 

How can I help you and your brand? 

When you hire me for a personal branding session, at minimal, I help find a photographer and design and execute a beauty style for you. From there, my services can also include attire styling and choosing a location. 

These sessions excite me so much! Unlike bridal, this is about who you are on a daily. Are you trying to convey the more relaxed easily approachable side of you, or do you want to show the world you're a tough cookie who takes no bull!? Regardless, I am here to help you figure it all out. 

Enjoy some of my branding work as captured by Stephanie Asavale Photo of Erica Estrada of E 33 Bay Area: wedding and event coordination and Sharon Hadden of I'm Social Savvy Consulting Group.

bridal makeup artists.

Wedding day. The best day ever. 

Planning a wedding. Not so much.

You're stressed about money. Everyone is giving you a lot of opinions. Family members put a lot of pressure for things to be a certain way. 

There are a few parts of your wedding that are truly and completely all up to your decision. The makeup artist being one of them.

First of all, why do you need a professional makeup artist to begin with?

  1. Training. Yes, you may be absolutely fabulous at doing your own makeup on a daily basis or for a night out on the town. However, wedding makeup is another beast of its own. You are being photographed, often with flash, and the day is very long. Will your makeup withstand tears, sweat, and longevity. A professional is specifically trained to combat all of these issues with knowledge in product and application. Furthermore, an artist will see you differently than you see yourself. They will be able to make recommendations that you likely would never consider. This is where the importance of a trial comes in handy. With your input, your makeup artist will come up with the perfect look for your special day.
  2. Relaxation. Even as a professional artist myself, I hired a makeup artist for my own wedding for the primary reason that I wanted to relax. I didn't want to worry if I would perfectly get my own lashes on or if I was too excited to have a steady hand. It was important to me that I was able to relinquish control and trust my beauty team. It made all the difference.

Now, let's talk about what to look for in a makeup artist. 

  1. Style. This may be the most obvious and first factor in choosing your bridal artist. You have a particular look in mind for your special day and every artist has their own skill set and style. Utilize the internet and look for people in your area whose work you love. Instagram. Facebook. Yelp. Google. Everyone is online nowadays and it should be easy enough to find someone whose style you love. On the other hand, word of mouth is often a better way to hire someone you like and trust. Most likely you know someone who has already gotten married. Did you like their makeup? Talk to them. Did they have a positive experience with their vendors? 

  2. Personality. Equivalent to style is an artist's personality. You and your girls are spending a lot of time in a room with this person or people. It is important that your personalities gel well. The last thing you need the morning of your wedding is to not get along with the person closest to your face. 

  3. Training. Look through the artist's website, typically on their "about me" page, for their training. Different areas of the world have varying requirements, but all artists should have some amount of formal or informal training. Is it important to you that they have knowledge of skincare? Look to see if they have gone to cosmetology or esthetician school. Is it important to you that an artist has brand training? Do you particularly like certain makeup brands? The about me section on an artist's website will be a small glimpse into their skillset and personality. 

  4. Communication. Despite where you initiate contact, do they respond quickly? Does the artist keep communication on the same platform? Are these qualities important to you? 

  5. Transparency. This is personally very important to me, but may not be as much for you. Is the artist, or any vendor for that matter, forthcoming with information? Do they provide you with their terms and conditions right off the bat or do you have to work to get the whole picture. All vendors have boundaries whether it be start time, number of clients, etc. It helps you to know what a vendor will or will not do. 

  6. Cost. I put this last on the list intentionally. While I understand that budgets are important and can be the cause of a lot of wedding stress, bottom line is that you get what you pay for. Look at other artists in the area to make sure the cost feels reasonable. Keep in mind that you are paying for the artist's knowledge, products, time spent communicating, and time spent organizing your documents. 

Bottom line, there are endless benefits to hiring a professional! Best of luck in your planning and have the best wedding day ever!