october is for darkness.

Traditionally, my job as a bridal artist is all about accentuating features, bringing light to the face and helping my clients to feel their best. 

Not today. 

I teamed up with Victoria Elena from Persephone Studios to get creative. We found inspiration in the Black Swan and all her grungy dark glory. 

Starting with the White Swan, I found the light first. Victoria has a gorgeous fair complexion that required very little foundation. Thus, I worked more so with various white products ranging from cream to powder and matte to shine. I enjoyed playing with the different textures, layering products to create dimension despite their monochromatic nature. 

But looking at my work, it felt incomplete and too pure. Thus, the gray eyeliner and the representation of imperfection.

IMPERFECTION. The true drive and theme of this photoshoot for me. 

From here, I continued to deepen the darkness. Thus, the final and photographed looks.

I had so much fun drawing outside the lines. Creating imbalance. Darkness. Grunge. The complete opposite of my usual art. 

The most difficult task of all for myself, was posing in front of the camera. It was hard to push aside my naturally uplifting personality to portray darkness and mystery. This is where Victoria was a true help. With her direction I was able to achieve our desired look. 

For your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!