shannon + andy.

I absolutely love when makeup brings people from my past back into my life. 

Shannon and I met my freshman year of high school while I was on the song pom dance team and her a cheerleader. Of all the cheerleaders, she was the most welcoming to the dancers and a ball of fun! 

When Shannon contacted me for her wedding, I was elated! It is so much fun reconnecting with old friends. 

Right away, Shannon shared her struggles with me. Not only is she has the most extreme case of celiac I have ever heard of, but she is allergic to most ingredients in SPF and silicone. 

This did not scare me away whatsoever, and I did my research. 

Lots and lots of research. 

When a client comes to me with allergies or sensitivities I look up the ingredients in all of my products and have them bring their own makeup kit to their trial. For Shannon, I was so nervous that I was overly cautious and ended up being unhappy with the results. When this happens, I will offer my brides a second trial free of charge. 

And I am so glad I did. 

I was able to try additional products and tools. Luckily, there was no problem whatsoever. We were both over the moon with the final look. 

With their passion of super heroes, they chose a uniquely themed wedding and venue: Captain America at the Tech Museum in San Jose, California. 

I was most excited about the look Shannon chose. To stick with the super hero theme, she chose a bad ass woman to emulate: Agent Carter. A classic beauty from the 1940s. 

What really touched me about this day was Andy's love for Shannon. Of course Shannon gushed about her love to me, but it's when the bride's friends share their fondness of the groom that will often bring tears to my eye. 

nina + eric.

At the start of my makeup career, I was working with a photographer once or twice a month. Our models were our friends. The first time Nina was sent to my house, we hit it off immediately. She was an absolute sweetheart and quite hilarious. We worked together several times and kept in touch through social media. 

Nina was also the one to refer my first solo bride, Sarah, and again referred another bride a year later. 

Nina has seen my business grow from a small sprout to the blooming flower it is now. 

When she asked me to be her bridal artist I was so touched and over the moon excited. I knew we would have a blast together. 

And of course we did!

The trial was fun, and I created a look Nina liked. But I don't do just "like", I do LOVE! I knew I had to make some changes. And, boy, did I hit the nail on the head! 

Using the same color palette agreed on at our trial, I simply added drama with the eyeliner. She was over the moon with the completed look, which is the biggest compliment that I can get! 

What was even more touching, and often my favorite part of a wedding, was seeing Nina with her best gals. Especially on this day. Nina had gone through some hardship leading up to the wedding, including a trip to the ER that week. Her friends truly rallied around her in the most beautiful way. And to hear how her man was such a support brought tear to my eyes. 

I left Nina's bridal suite with a full heart that day. 

michelle + johnny.

Michelle and I met in middle school, but our friendship truly took off when we joined the dance team our freshman year of high school. 

We spent so much time together that her mom called me the "Other Daughter". 

High school came and went. College put a few hundred miles between us, but we continued to dance through one another's lives. 

Early on in college, Michelle met Johnny. He was always so sweet, welcoming, and had a new story to tell. I saw his love for Michelle in his desire for her to always have fun. To this day, you can see his face light up when she is dancing. 

Michelle is the friend who likely reaped the most benefits of my makeup addiction. Every youth group or high school dance, every dance team performance, Michelle sat down and I painted her face. 

When I heard the news of Michelle's engagement, I was not only overjoyed for the two of them, but elated knowing I would be the one to transform Michelle on her wedding day. It is such a special experience to evolve in your career with a friend's support the entire journey. In fact, there is a high chance that Michelle was the first "client" in my chair ever!

I have painted Michelle's face in all different styles from costume to dramatic to natural. Knowing her personal makeup choices, I knew exactly the look should would want. Once she explained her wedding to me, it was so clear. 

Clear, bright and glowing skin.

Simple, neutral, but glamorous eyes.

Natural, individual lashes.


You may recognize this face! From my website homepage and business cards!

The big day came and it was so special. I really took my time so we could fully enjoy the experience. Fortunately, Michelle hired a wonderful photographer, Johnathan Massmann, and he was present for our makeup session. 

In addition to gifting Michelle her makeup service, I framed three photos of me doing her makeup throughout our friendship. Leaving a space for her to add one more. We walked down memory lane just before starting her appointment. It is a memory I will forever cherish. It is truly an honor having a skill that I can share with people on their wedding day. 



clients + friends.

Friends who become clients. Clients who become friends. Both are so special to me. 

Regardless of the length of our relationship, the happiness of the person in my chair is my biggest goal. I achieve this by treating each bride like a dear friend. We will laugh, potentially cry, and I am going to be 100% real with you. 

This means that if you are requesting a look that I feel is unfitting of the wedding style, face shape or skin type, I will tell you. 

In the nicest way possible of course!

But this is why we do trials. To try! Maybe you have requested cool tones for your entire face while your wedding colors are all bright and cheerful. I would suggest that we try to warm up the face while still meeting your request with some cool tones on the eyes. 

A past bride really appreciated when I suggested to change the hair. While her gown was extremely chic and elegant, she had requested beachy waves due to a good ol' case of Pinterest over dose! She was elated with the finished look because it felt cohesive and truly her. 

A friend from middle school married in 2016.

A friend from middle school married in 2016.

I am also so overly aware of how important my interactions with you are. This is YOUR big day! As soon as I walk in the room, I am gathering information on how your interactions are, what kind of music you are listening to, and your body language. 

What do I do with this information?

I understand how to make small changes to help you relax and enjoy yourself. If your girls are rowdy, I'll pump up the energy and jump in on the fun. But, maybe you are feeling a bit anxious but the music is fast and loud. I may as the person with the music to slow it down and lower the volume. Sometimes, a simple hand on the knee or hug is what's needed in the moment. 

My kit includes more than just makeup!

Originally my wife's friend, now mine too!

Originally my wife's friend, now mine too!

I am also going to make as many accommodations for you as possible. I don't want to cause you any stress.

Do you want to be outside? Let's do it!

Do you need to stop and eat something? Go for it! Take care of yourself. 

Did mom change her mind and want makeup? I will stay as long as I can to complete any additional applications. 

Want to change your entire look? OK! 

I am here for YOU!

Client who became a sweet friend.

Client who became a sweet friend.

What I am trying to get at is that you are important to me. All of you! The girl I have known for ten years to the girl who found me on WeddingWire!

You do not only hire me for my skills, but my heart too. 

xo, Kim