sick of MOIC yet?

As if you haven't yet been spammed enough with Museum of Ice Cream. Here is yet another blog post and more pictures!

A week ago, Bianca and I jaunted up with the city for a fun evening full of sweet treats. 

Side note: we hadn't eaten sugar in a month. HELLO SUGAR RUSH! There was a lot of this going on...

From the very start, the experience was a blast. Each employee was head to toe in pink and with the attitude to match. Upon entering, your group chooses a team name. Ours: the NeapoliTEAM. And our team captain was the cutest baby girl with tan skin and piercing blue eyes. Yea, this baby fever thing is real!

I loved how the rooms were interactive and the staff helped to make the experience special. But the room that really took the cake was the sprinkle pool. This is what we would call a sensory experience in the preschool world. No joke, I sat down, sunk in and was so relaxed. I get why it was the only timed experience throughout the museum, but can I pay just to sit in the pool?

My second most anticipated exhibit was hopping on the unicorn to get some killer boomerangs. 

Did I nail it?

Regardless, I was having a lot more fun than everyone else waiting to get in the mini mirror room.

If you ever have the chance to visit an interactive museum experience, I highly recommend it. Sure, the photo ops are great, but more so, we had a fun evening together that was out of the norm. We live for mixing it up!