full service: now offering hair styling!

Here at Kim Baker Beauty, I pride myself in making clients happy. While I can provide individual styling for engagement photos, it was abundantly clear to me that my services had a big gaping hole when it came to bridal party services. 

So far I have teamed up with two talented hair stylists to offer full service bridal beauty! 

Kristina Lancaster and I met in middle school! And who knew that we would both end up in the beauty world? During the day you can find her in the salon or florist shop! Yes ladies, you hear me right! This gal is a florist too! 

Ashley Mendes is a more recent connection. She is owner of Blush Hair and Makeup Design (Blush HMD) and loves the bridal world! We hit it off immediately and are very excited about supporting each other's business. Not only is Ashley a talented hair stylist, but she creates beautiful makeup looks as well! 

Stay tuned for more collaborative work and KBB connections!  

international women's day.


I am so excited to announce that I have added two more women to my team: Maggie Nazario of Callavida and Apoorva Rastogi of Rast Yogi

While I had actually known Maggie for some time through my mom, we both recently met Apoorva at a workshop lead by Sharon of Social Savvy Consulting Group. Within moments of introducing ourselves, the idea of a wellness day was already brewing. 

So here it is folks! 


This will be a beautiful day of self care and connecting with fellow earth dwellers. Not to mention that there will be killer baked goods by my fore mentioned mother, goodie bags, and incredible raffle prizes. 

What is even better is that this day will not only benefit each of the attendees, but a portion of the day's income along with all raffle ticket sales will go directly to a non profit organization to benefit the wellness of women. 

Candles, skin care products, hand painted watercolor prints, a reiki session, discounts, and SO MUCH MORE will be included as some of the raffle prizes. There will be a first and second place winner at the event and a separate raffle for those who cannot attend. Each ticket will be $1 and can be purchased on Venmo via @kimbakerbeauty.

Stay tuned for sign ups!

what is branding?

Branding. Personal brand. Cohesive brand. Cross platform branding. 

Heard these terms recently? 

Regardless if you own a business, you are a brand! Who you show yourself to the world is your brand. What we wear, what we post to social media. It all affects the brand that people see us as. 

How can I help you and your brand? 

When you hire me for a personal branding session, at minimal, I help find a photographer and design and execute a beauty style for you. From there, my services can also include attire styling and choosing a location. 

These sessions excite me so much! Unlike bridal, this is about who you are on a daily. Are you trying to convey the more relaxed easily approachable side of you, or do you want to show the world you're a tough cookie who takes no bull!? Regardless, I am here to help you figure it all out. 

Enjoy some of my branding work as captured by Stephanie Asavale Photo of Erica Estrada of E 33 Bay Area: wedding and event coordination and Sharon Hadden of I'm Social Savvy Consulting Group.

lesson learned: why you should pay for makeup lessons.

With all endless makeup videos and information out there, it may seem redundant and a waist of money to hire a professional. 

Does this youtube "beauty guru" have an esthetician license or the same exact skin type and face shape as you? Do they explain different applications and why?

Every face is different from the skin to the shape. A professional will work with your specific needs and give you little tricks that apply only to you. 

Here is what I do with my makeup students:

  1. Questions. I ask a lot of them. They help me to make a plan that is all yours. It helps me to know what you have and what you do already. 
  2. Skin care. Together we will discover your exact skin needs. Are you oily, dry, combination, sensitive, acne prone, aging? From there, I will make suggestions for daily and weekly skin care routines. 
  3. Makeup. You teach me your starting point- what products and techniques are already in your bag. From there we figure out what is missing and fill in the gaps. This could mean shopping together, tweaking some techniques you already have, or starting fresh and working from ground zero.
  4. We work hands on. You will try everything I am telling you so you can feel confident doing your makeup solo. 

What if our schedules or locations don't allow us to meet? 

No problem!

We can set up a video chat and do the same thing! So, let's set something up! Contact me today.