an e-interview about makeup and skincare with blogger sarah tripp of sassy red lipstick.

Friends, I'm fan girling a little bit (a lot) because I got to...

interview the body positive fashion blogger, Sarah Tripp of Sassy Red Lipstick about skincare and makeup! 

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I have been following Sarah for near a year now, and soon after started to follow her husband Robbie. They are both extremely positive, have GREAT fashion, and know how to keep it real. While Sarah's feed is always on point, her content tells us all about the realness; how all those travel photos that look like a relaxing vacation were really taken at the crack of dawn after a long flight. Or how she stays body positive in a world full of haters. But let's not look past how much Robbie and Sarah love each other. Their love may be my absolute favorite part of their feeds. They support one another 100% and compliment each other in all aspects of life. Their love event went viral here and here


As if that's not enough, these two are beyond intelligent. They are quite literally created an empire from the ground up, and they're blown past the ceiling! Check out this Forbes article: Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Turn A Social Media Account Into A Social Media Business or Robbie's book: Create a Rebellion.

Without further adieu, my virtual interview with Mrs. Sarah Tripp!

How old were you when you started taking care of your skin?

I was in middle school when I started using a daily face cleanser and realizing that my smooth, pre-pubescent complexion was gone haha. Our bodies change over time and that’s just part of being a woman. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Those pre-teen and teenage years can be tough, especially if you’re battling your skin. I was always lucky to have pretty good skin but I definitely know what it feels like to have a face full of blemishes and not want to leave the house. Once you realize everyone deals with it, it makes a little easier to bear.

Can you remember what products you used?

It’s been a journey finding the right products and I’m always finding new ones. Back in middle school, Iused Cetaphil. I feel like that’s a pretty standard one because lots of dermatologists recommend it. In college, I used the Cetaphil antibacterial bar rather than the facial cleanser and used it all the way up until recently when they discontinued it! 

What are some struggles now? What products, routines or services combat this problem?

As I’ve gotten older, my skin seems to have become a little more sensitive and volatile. I have to be really careful what I put on it. I recently found out I have a major allergy to sunscreen! I’ve been using sunscreen my whole life and no problems. However, I’ve had allergic reactions on three different beach vacations and so I’m swearing it all off until I find the ingredient that’s giving me problems.

As for my face, I have developed quite the routine to keep it looking clear and camera-ready. First I use TULA cleanser and Dr. Brandt exfoliator in the shower. After getting out, I use SK-II Essence Miracle Water, then I use a retinol cream at night that was prescribed to me by a dermatologist. Following that, I use L’occitane cream to moisturize and I mix in a few drops of Oille anti-aging facial serum. Lastly, I put on a NARS eye cream. It sounds like a lot but it’s just become second nature!

When did you start playing with makeup and the applying it regularly?

Sixth grade is when my mom finally let me wear makeup and I probably went overboard I was so excited haha. Middle school was definitely a learning process and then I got more comfortable in high school. However, makeup trends are always changing so I feel like every few years I’m buying something new that becomes a staple. For example, I started lightly contouring a couple years ago and now I don’t know how I ever went without it.

What’s your go-to makeup routine now?

So perfect you asked because I just barely posted my updated makeup routine on my blog! See it all here.

And what do you love to do with your makeup when you want to “go all out”? 

Great question! I really like to make my eyes pop when I’m headed out for a sexy date night or glam event. Stila glitter eyeshadow adds such a fun pop of color, and then I use the darker shades on my Urban Decay Naked3 palette to get a really smokey look. Robbie always loves it and compliments me when I accentuate my dark brown eyes that he loves so much. Going for a darker look makes me feel confident and sexy.

What‘s your number one makeup tip?

This may be cliche but it’s true: Less is more! I know so many naturally pretty women who cake on so much makeup and all I can think about is how much better they’d look with a more natural look. It’s fun to see all the cool and crazy makeup trends on IG but when it comes to real life, I’m a big believer that the real you is the most beautiful you. I like to think of makeup as a tool to help me look and feel my best, not a necessity that needs to change my appearance.

Who is/are your beauty inspiration(s)?

I’m a huge fan of Lydia Millen and always watch her videos. She’s a natural beauty but also knows how to glam herself up. She is always sharing what products she loves and I’ve tried a few of her recommendations. Plus, I could listen to her British accent all day long haha.

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