makeup artist monday: priscilla francine makeup


I met Priscilla at the start of esthetician school. I cannot even begin to explain the saving grace this gal was. She was my sanity amongst chaos. And if you've been to beauty school, you know you need one of these people. 

I didn't even quite realize how much I wanted to be a makeup artist, or in what way. Priscilla showed me the world of bridal and I fell in love immediately. 

Throughout our working and personal relationship over the last five years, I have grown through watching Priscilla work and our long chats on the way to weddings. She has not only taught me technique, style, people and business management, but has helped me process through a lot of life's ups and downs. 

But #MakeupArtistMondays is really all about artists who inspire my work. So let's move away from the mushy gushy and onto why Priscilla has truly shaped my artistry.

As I already mentioned, we met in esthetician school. While we learned a tremendous amount about skin here, it was Priscilla who introduced me to the products and techniques of skin prep. The idea of plumping and preparing the skin to balance and create a natural glow from within. She taught me how to evaluate the client's skin in order to appropriately choose products. Whether the client needs one overall product, a combination of several all over, or to area treat depending on the skin's needs. 

Furthermore, she greatly influenced the look and application techniques I continue to use. How to slowly build an eye look for intensity while also being soft and romantic. Or how to mix the perfect lip color. She truly trained my eye to understand color and to see where products need to start and stop or slowly fade away. 

It is in the smallest of details that I learned through observation, direct instruction, and genuine friendship that has turned me into the artist I am today.

Thank you Priscilla. I appreciate you.

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