top three tips to get ready for your wedding day makeup.

1. Go get yourself a facial!

Yes, it feels good.

Yes, I’m all about the treat yo’ self life.

But what’s even more so is how a facial will get your skin in the best condition and ready for makeup.

Makeup is only as good as the skin beneath it. Not to mention that weddings are a stressful time which often causes people to break out. A facial will not only provide custom skin care, but help relax you.

san jose california bridal lifestyle makeup artist suggests getting facials to get ready for your wedding day

Unsure if you want someone touching your face? Try it once and then get back to me. It is truly divine. You’ll not only feel good from the massage, but because you look so freaking gorge and glowing!

We did two facials before our wedding at Skin Spirit. The first was two months out and I got microdermabrasion which significantly helped the texture of my skin. She also gave me some incredible recommendations for my at home care. For the facial 3 weeks before my wedding, she did dermaplaning. Which is basically a fancy way to shave your face. I cannot recommend this service enough before makeup applications. By removing the hair on your face, you’re creating a smooth service for product to be more easily absorbed- including makeup.

san jose california bridal and lifestyle makeup artist with friends at her wedding in bold floral dresses blowing kisses

2. Self reflect and do your research.

Ask your married friends about their wedding day makeup experience. Ask about the trial, the artist’s communication, their style and knowledge. Is what they’re describing something that sounds good to you? If so, reach out to their artist. If not, keep looking. Look at their website, instagram, google reviews.

While their style is super important, their personality may be slightly more so. This is the person who will be all up in your face first thing on your wedding day. Do you want someone with high energy to amp you up? Or are you more of a chill vibe with someone who can mellow you out?

You have to self reflect and know what you’re looking for in order to get it.

engagement photos light bright and airy by quiana marie photography natural soft makeup by kim baker beauty san jose california bridal and lifestyle makeup artist

3. Get your makeup done for your engagement photos.

This is a perfect chance to try someone out before committing.

But isn’t that what a trial is for?

Not in my book. A bridal trial is actually when you’ve secured your artist and are testing out a specific makeup look for the big day. I recommend this happen 3-4 weeks prior. Making it an inopportune time to be looking for an artist.

Instead, engagement photos tend to be a year prior to the big day and are a perfect way to have one-on-one time with your potential bridal artist.