kbb makeup spotlight: highlighter. how to get the glow.

There are so many ways to highlight, and so many products options. Here is the KBB way.

My kind of glow is natural, not the disco ball see it from outer space kind of highlight.

I like my skin to look like skin regardless of how much makeup I apply. Choosing the right products and using as little as possible really helps achieve the look I'm going for. 

First of all, it's all about glowing skin first- a glow from within if you will.

No matter what makeup you apply, it'll never look its best unless your skin is on point. You can find my favorite products and how to here. The gist of it is to have smooth, cleansed and moisturized skin. 

I also really love to use the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream prior to makeup because it gives the skin THE most gorgeous glow. I like to give myself or clients a really good massage to help stimulate blood flow to really get that incredible glow from within. It truly makes all the difference and feels damn good!

I also love to use the Tom Ford Radiant Moisture Souffle around the eyes. It's moisturizing (hence the name) and has a beautiful soft golden glow. I love to use this under foundation or to mix into concealer. 

Less is more when it comes to foundation and getting the KBB glow.

Seriously. LESS LESS LESS. I personally love the look of the Dior Airflash Foundation on a fluffy brush. On top of the Magic Cream, the Airflash just completely melts into the skin and looks so flawless, but natural at the same time. I talk in detail about Airflash here

But I am also loving how lightweight and natural the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is. And my clients love it too. 

But I just love highlighter so so much.

Me too, girl. Me too. 

But be careful. A little bit goes a very long way and will make the area applied to look larger or come forward. 

On average, I apply highlighter to the highest part of the cheekbones and sometimes the bridge of the nose (and a super secret- I apply highlight to my chin dimple to help it disappear)... THAT'S IT! I never ever ever ever ever EVER apply highlighter to the tip of the nose. It is just not my cup of tea.

How do I choose the right highlighter for me?

It's all about skin tone. If you are warmer, use more golds and pinks. Cooler tones can get away with the "unicorn" shades of purples and blues.

If you can't figure out your skin tone, go here for helpful tips. 

My personal universal highlighter is the Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop. It is a soft rosey gold that looks beautiful on everyone. But here's the key- I apply very little and REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYY blend it into the skin. 

Now go and get your glow on!

kim baker beauty san jose california makeup artist simple portrait with blush background wearing black tshirt and mauve tassel earings blonde hair is wavy and down makeup is simple with revlon balm stain in honey and glowing natural foundation complexion
natural glamorous bride wearing white robe with dark curly hair glowing natural skin and subtle smokey brown eyeshadow done by kim baker beauty san jose california makeup artist

Both looks were achieved using Magic Cream beneath Dior Airflash foundation. No highlighter on top.

catie belle photo captured blogger raphael lobo in adidas sportswear with rosey glowing highlighted makeup by san jose california makeup artist kim baker beauty
rosey glowing highlighted soft romantic makeup by kim baker beauty san jose california makeup artist on blogger raphael lobo

Full on glow with Magic Cream and Champagne Pop for this blogger babe, Raphael Lobo.

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