what to ask your wedding photographer: ashley baumgartner.

Ashley Baumgartner, a Bay Area wedding photographer, shares her suggestions of questions to ask your photographer!

I have admired Ashley's work for some time now, and am so excited that she is sharing her advice on what to ask a wedding photographer. This is HUGE friends! A photographer is telling you excatly what to ask to get the photos and experience you want! There are no right answers, it's all about getting the information and answers you want!


So, you’re looking for a wedding photographer and you’ve downloaded all these lists right? Things you need to ask. The “important” questions. Or at least things that the big magazines and wedding blogs told you to ask. What their package includes. How many photos. Type of gear. Insurance and emergency backup plan. And while those are all fine and dandy, and may I add good questions, I don’t believe they adequately paint a picture of who your photographer is and if they are the right fit for YOU. Yes, you.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You’re spending hours curating the perfect guest list of your dearest family and friends. The people you want around you on your day. That build you up. That show their love. And the same should be true for your wedding photographer. My hope is that you find a photographer whose work you not only love, but that their personality and style works with you, just like a friend would.

So today I want to share what I think you should ask when interviewing potential wedding photographers. The questions that get down to the important parts of the logistics, but also the heart and soul of your wedding photography.


Why should I invest in wedding photography?

This question speaks to the heart of why they are photographing weddings. I think true emotion come out in photographs when the person behind the lens understands the emotional worth of not only a photograph, but a picture of the best day of your life. Are you getting photos just because you had a fancy gathering and look darn good? Or are you documenting the beginning of your legacy of love surrounded by family, friends, and your future?

What is your favorite thing to photograph on a wedding day and why?

I think this is a fun question to ask your photographer. It will also help you gauge if they go through the motions during the commotion of a wedding day or if they will spark and put their heart and soul into certain aspects of the day. It’s also my hope that those aspects align with the vision you have for your day (in terms of time) and your photos (in terms of focus).

My brides know that my two favorite things are details and portraits. Details, because they are spending a ton of time and money curating a gorgeous event but on their wedding day, they’ll notice very little of it with aunts and uncles trying to say hello. And portraits, because the pictures with your best friends standing alongside you as your bridesmaids, your immediate family members, and your honey are your legacy. The pictures you’ll post on social media for their birthdays and mother's day. The photos that will get used as christmas cards and screensavers. And most importantly, the photos that will get printed and hung on your walls to remind your kids and grandkids someday of your legacy of love.

Find out what their favorite part is and ask why. Try to understand the love they have for this part of the day and if you can imagine them in front of your camera at that moment.


How do I get my photos?

I think it is important to know exactly how you are getting your photos and what to expect. Is it an online gallery system? Do you get all of them available to download or only some? Can you share these with friends and family? Or are you getting a USB? Does your new laptop even have a USB port? Take the time to ask how your photographer will deliver your photos to you.

When I sit down for coffee with my brides and grooms, I lay out exactly how they will get their photos so it’s clear. They also get the same delivery system for the engagement session so that they’re familiar with it when it comes time for their wedding!

When do I get my photos?

The other important logistical question! Most photographers have a set workflow, system, and outline for when their clients will receive their photos. It may differ from a portrait session, engagement session or your wedding, but they should have a definitive idea of when you will get your photos after your wedding.

Our brides and grooms also know clearly when they’ll expect to receive both their engagement pictures and their wedding gallery. We want there to be a shared understanding so they don’t have to ask when after the wedding! Relax and enjoy the anticipation of getting your gallery!

Ashley Baumgartner is a wedding photographer and calligrapher based in Northern California serving joyful brides and grooms. Ashley strives to capture the true love and joy that comes with the experience of being engaged and getting married, surrounded by friends and family. Celebrating love. Creating a legacy of love. And most importantly, capturing it.

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