how to get bomb af photos: engagement photoshoot advice from catie belle photo.

Cat of Catie Belle Photo shares her tips on how to get bomb AF engagement photos with your spouse.

Today I am overjoyed to have Cat of Catie Belle Photo give us some tips on being photographed. From personal experience, I can tell you that her advice is spot on and it does get easier. After a wedding and a handful of photoshoots for my business, I am finally starting to get the hang of it a little more.

Best of luck to you and enjoy the advice!

The one thing every couple wants are some bomb AF photos to hang onto for the rest of your life. But if you and your S.O. are like most people, you aren’t models or naturally comfortable in front of the camera. Not to worry! Here are some tips and tricks that you and your boo can try out! 

  1. Get to know your photographer is my number one piece of advice. One of the main reasons that my couples are not comfortable in front of the camera is because they don’t know me. They didn’t take the time to talk to me and get to know me and how I am as a person outside of my photography. I find that the couples that want to hang out and have fun with me outside my sessions with them, ultimately have better sessions because they aren’t thinking “who is this stranger five inches from my face while I am kissing my boo??” As the couple, you should be doing all you can to get comfortable with your photographer before your shoot so that you aren’t uncomfortable with them day of. You can do this via coffee dates, Skype, or telephone calls. Ultimately, you want your photographer to be a good match both style-wise and personality-wise. 
  2. There are lots of YouTube videos that you can watch by photographers that give examples of posing that you can try out. You can also turn to Pinterest to find some inspo. I have an entire Pinterest board of photos that I want to recreate with my boyfriend, Sean. Show your inspo pics to your photographer prior to the session and they should be more than happy to help you recreate these photos with your own personal touch. 
  3. Start your photo sessions by remembering that this is just another opportunity for you both to hang out and have some fun. You want your pictures to represent your love and happiness with each other, but that won’t happen if you are both staring dead face into the lens. Instead, focus on each other. Remember to breathe and act like it’s any ole day. Talk to each other. If a photographer wants you to look into the camera, they will tell you. Until then, just have fun hold hands, rubbing noses, and showing each other some love!
  4. Let’s all have a laugh! If your photographer is a good one, they’ll get in on the jokes. If not, try making your S.O. laugh by talking about inside jokes or teasing them. When my boyfriend and I do photo sessions together, he always picks on me and I HATE it, but the photos of us laughing are to die for so it’s all worth it.
  5. If your photographer is actually a team of photographers, all the better. When being instructed by photographers it is always helpful if they physically show you what they want. When I bring Sean along on my shoots with couples, we’ll demonstrate want I want. The visual is always helpful. When there are two photographers, don’t be afraid to ask them to show you how to pose. Having that visual is incredibly helpful. 
  6. If all else fails – get out the booze. A boozy couple is a lovey couple. Just don’t over-do the drinks and your photos are going to feel as warm and good as that buzz did when you took them. 

Cat Blohm | Catie Belle Photography

Owner, Photographer


Campbell, CA, USA