how to pick an outfit for engagement photos: westerly style.

Friends. My bestie launched her styling business, Westerly Style, this past February, and I couldn't be more happy for her. She has always been my go-to stylist, and now she can be yours too! 

Today she is sharing her top three tips on how to choose an outfit for your engagement photos. Bonus! She passes along some super sweet photos from her own engagement shoot. They're nearly five years old and still so relevant! Keep reading to find out how. 

First of all, CONGRATS! I am so excited that you are newly engaged! Now comes the fun (and occasionally stressful) stuff. One of the things that can be incredibly stressful is picking out something to wear in your engagement photos.

You will look back at these engagement photos for your entire life. So, we want the looks to stand the test of time. There is nothing worse than when you look at photos from the past and think “oh what an 80s style!”. 

This brings me to tip #1. Let it be timeless. Try not to pinpoint any trends in your outfits. You want to choose something that you will love the look of for a long time. Think about textures and colors, rather than patterns for the majority of your look. For a casual outfit: a lacy white top with jeans and brown boots, or a textured dress in your favorite color. This is also a time to look a little more romantic: lace is a beautiful option for material. 

#2. Don’t “match” your Fiance! It looks best in photos to have two people compliment each other (much like in your actual relationship). Think about complimentary colors and neutrals to balance any brighter prints. A Chambray shirt is a great neutral option or even a classic white linen button down. You want to avoid something as casual as a tee shirt for this occasion. 

#3. Let your outfit be a sneak peek into your wedding. Engagement photos often are the image on your “save the date” cards. Use this as an opportunity to give a small glimpse into what your wedding will be like. For example: in my engagement photos, I wore a flower crown, as this very much spoke to the bohemian romantic vibes we were planning for the wedding. 

At the end of the day, you want these photos to be representative of you and your love. Think about what makes each of you feel confident, and you will look amazing.