why a makeup trial is important: erica estrada of e33 bay area

don't skimp on your bridal makeup trial.

I am so excited for today's guest blogger. I met Erica of E33 Bay Area through the Rising Tide Society at the San Jose Tuesday's together group. We hit it off immediately and are now what we refer to as friendors (friends + vendors). This gal is truly an incredible wedding coordinator and just an overall sweetheart.  

Not planning to do a makeup trial? You may want to think again!

I am a married lady and fully understand how expensive weddings tend to be. Not only did I plan my own wedding, but I am a Wedding Coordinator and know first-hand how fast things add up. While there are definitely ways to cut back on costs, there are some areas you should not cut!

Like most brides, you probably have “bridal makeup” on your budgeting sheet or to-do list. However, a make-up trial is often left out. A bridal makeup trial is a chance to see exactly what you’re makeup will look like on your wedding day, and a chance to play around with different colors, products, and techniques. You may know exactly what you want your make up to look like on your wedding day, and that’s great! However, be 100% certain that your chosen makeup artist (MUA) is able to fully execute your vision or even that what you are dreaming of is right for your skin tone and face shape.

Real life scenario – I had a bride who had her makeup trial the day before her wedding because the make up artist was out of the area. The MUA had amazing photos online and on social media, but did not meet my clients standards when getting her own make up done. The one hour trial turned into a 3-hour trial to perfect her make up! While this was an extreme case, my client would not have had the time on her wedding day to ensure her make up was exactly as she wanted. Therefore, going through with the trial is critical! Here are three more reason to schedule your trial.

1. A chance to experience the full glam session: If you’ve never had your make-up done by a professional, it can be a slightly overwhelming process from someone touching your face to the endless questions to find your dream look. Regardless, it is a whole lot of fun! They prep your face with serums and magic. MUA’s are very systematic in how they apply make up and typically it takes no less than an hour. Again, this can seem extremely daunting if you’ve never had anyone touching your face for that long. Having a makeup trial allows you to get the full feel of what it’s going to be like on your wedding day and ensure you are comfortable sitting for a longer period and with that particular artist. 

2. Get to know your makeup artist: Like any vendor, you want to have a good relationship with your makeup artist! At the end of the day, they are responsible for how you look on one of the most important days of your life. You want to make sure you feel comfortable talking with them, asking questions, and letting them know if there’s something you don’t like. Additionally, it’s a chance for you to ensure that they use sanitary practices when applying makeup. While I wish all MUA’s did this, they don’t. Ask questions as you go along! It’s ok, I promise. The right artist for you will be the one that listens to your dreams, guides you in a direction that works for your skin tone and face shape, and makes you feel comfortable and confident. 

3. Test specific product on your skin: I can’t think of many things worse than having a severe allergic reaction on your wedding day because the makeup used didn’t agree with your skin. Testing out the make up on your face prior to your wedding day is crucial for this very reason! Make sure you and your skin are comfortable.

Yes, adding a makeup trial to your budget may be an additional cost. But, you will be happy you did so afterward. I always encourage my brides to have their makeup trial done earlier in the day and then go on a date night afterward to really make good use of the beautiful makeup and fully try out its comfort and longevity! 

photo by  Steph Asavale Photo     |   makeup by me

photo by Steph Asavale Photo    |   makeup by me

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