what is floating?

Goodby stress. Hello potential.

If you're like me, you're always feeling like you need another hour or two in every day. Life handed me a gift at the perfection time. 


But what in the world is that?! Sensory deprivation in a dark and quiet tank or tub of salt water. 

But why?! The benefits are incredible. Stress reduction. Anxiety relief. Sports recovery. Pain relief. To promote relaxation. Reduce headaches. Increased circulation. For more restful sleep. Promote heart health. 

If that isn't enough, how about an hour all to yourself without any interruptions!

Here in Campbell, California, you can find me floating at Float Station, a truly premium floating experience! Not to mention that their showers are absolutely incredible!! 

I schedule a monthly float to keep my mind and body in check. After each float I feel alert, but oh so relaxed. The following week I notice significantly better sleep and a more clear mind. It is better than any anti-anxiety medication I have ever been on! 

Here's the breakdown: 

  1. shower to remove oils from body and hair. Shampoo and body wash only.
  2. dry off as much as possible- areas that are left wet are more likely to form salt crystals if not fully submerged into the water. 
  3. enter float pod. You can use the provided foam circle to help keep your head afloat. 
  4. music will play for the first few minutes before fading out. You can also choose to keep the light on or turn it off. I prefer it off immediately.
  5. it is suggested that you move around a bit in the pod to get comfortable and release extra energy.
  6. music will slowly come back to alert your senses and bring you back to reality. 
  7. take your time getting out of the pod and then take another shower. I like to really take my time and enjoy this shower. At this time I also condition my hair. The salt will dry it out quite a bit. 

The idea can be nerve racking for some, especially those who tend to be claustrophobic. I was hesitant for the same reasons, but pushed through the worries after hearing all of the amazing benefits. Turning the lights of immediately helped me to feel as if I were in a bigger space. 

Another big word of advice the owners of Float Station gave to me, was to give it some time. Time to get comfortable and used to the experience. My third float is what they refer to as a "Magic Float". Oh Em Geeee! I was in a meditative state for the majority of this float. I came to in the most euphoric state I have ever experienced. My productivity, mental state, and physical abilities were at an all time high for the three weeks following. 

While each float is an entirely different experience, it has been life changing and I highly recommend that everyone give it a try. Find more information here!

NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement. All opinions above are of my own experience.