love note.

I have been diving into Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger podcast (I am officially obsessed), and took some advice from one of her early interviews. I reach out to a handful of people and asked what they thought of Kim Baker Beauty. I asked clients, colleagues, and my wife. 

Holy moly folks. My wife totally swept me off my feet. She even read her note aloud. 

Side note: I asked for a list or sentences. 

And this is what I got...

"When I think of Kim Baker Beauty my first thought is CONSISTENT. And I use the term consistent in its best possible form. Consistency showcases through all her work from personality to professionalism and talent. 

Kim’s personality is what makes her brand so strong. She always makes a client feel welcomed and comfortable. She asks several questions to better understand the client's comfort level, skin type and overall look they’re attempting to generate. I often hear from her clients that they 'don’t wear makeup often' or that they 'don’t want clown makeup.' She always puts her clients' worries at ease and delivers work that brings out their natural beauty. 

Kim is as professional as they come. From the day you contact her inquiring about possible makeup request to the day she delivers, communication is consistent and thorough. She’s always early to events and ensures strict timelines are met. She is no stranger to the bridal suite flow. Nerves are very high day of wedding but Kim’s professionalism mixed with her sweet personality is a perfect recipe for mellowing out the room while still maintaining a fulfilled environment. 

Talent! Man oh man does this woman have talent. Not only does Kim have natural talent but she also works very, VERY hard to stay updated on the latest makeup lines, trends and application tips. She is constantly doing research to better her brand. Her work is never over the top (unless requested but it’s always tasteful), subtle yet natural and of course BEAUTIFUL just like her. 

I’m so proud of my wife and all she’s accomplished thus far. Her drive for this line of work and bettering her brand is admirable and I can’t wait to see what the future brings."