what I know about marriage.

Today my wife and I celebrate five years of dating and three years since I proposed. A complete coincidence that they fell on the same day. 

In honor of our date-versary, we have both written up a short list of things we know to be true about marriage or long term commitment and some little tid-bits of advice. Enjoy!


  1. Make your own traditions that work for the two of you.   
  2. Your relationships with others change. 
  3. We enjoy silence and time apart even more. 
  4. Being married is easy and hard. Easy because love and Bff. Hard because EVERYTHING you do affects your love even more than before. 
  5. Put the phones away. In another room. 
  6. R E S P E C T


  1. Don’t take all arguments/fights personal. Instead, listen and help guide your spouse through their emotions. Easier said then done. 
  2. Choices in life are no longer one sided. You are now part of a team. Decide together. 
  3. Communicate. It’s hard but it’s necessary and helps you grow your relationship. 
  4. Respect one another, always. 
  5. Love endlessly.
  6. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Go on adventures like hiking, biking, picnics, romantic day getaways.

Photos by Brittany Bowen