the most basic level of skincare: cleanse, exfoliate + hydrate.

The basis of skincare starts with cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating with a moisturizer. Here are 3 of my favorite products from Sonia Roselli Beauty to do just the trick!

Just as a house cannot stand tall without a strong foundation, neither can a face full of makeup without a consistent skincare routine. 

For the longest time I was a huge fan of cleansing my face with coconut oil. While the oil itself is fabulous in many other ways, it is actually very terrible for most skin types. For one, it is comedogenic. Meaning, it clogs your pores! More importantly for me, coconut oil breaks down the moisture barrier over time. I found out the hard way. After nearly three years of continual use, I had a painful breakout around my mouth and nose that would not go away. Finally, after reaching out to a professional, we discovered the root cause and I made immediate changes. 

Soon before this, I had discovered a line of skin care, Sonia Roselli. I loved that the brand's owner and namesake takes such care and pride in the formulation of her products. So much so that she travels to Japan to work one-on-one with her chemist. Since then, I have joined several of her professional groups and become an affiliate. 

kim baker beauty blogger skincare sonia roselli beauty japanese cleansing oil

but first, cleanser.

The Japanese Cleansing Oil is pure luxury and is as beautiful to look at as it feels on the skin.

  • First, shake the bottle to emulsify water and oil. It should be a pale pink color when completely mixed.
  • If you're wearing makeup, dispense 2-3 pumps into your hands, or 1-2 pumps for skin without makeup.
  • Massage all over your DRY face, being the most careful with your eyes. Take your time. Facial massage helps blood flow, giving your skin a natural glow. 
  • JCO is a one stop shop to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. No more makeup remover for stubborn water proof mascara!
  • To remove the cleanser, dampen your hands with warm water and massage your face once more. You should see the product turn into a milky substance.
  • Finally, splash your face with warm water until all of the cleanser in removed. Pat your face dry gently. 
kim baker beauty blogger skincare sonia roselli beauty sexapeel

shed some skin. the sexiest way possible with Sex A Peel! I have never been so obsessed with an exfoliant in my entire life! Not only can this product be used on the face, but your entire body as well! (Yes, so many exclamation marks! I am just THAT excited!)

I used to get razor burn so badly on my legs, that I would just never shave unless I absolutely had to. Now I just don't shave because I'm lazy. Sex A Peel has changed my shaving experience completely! Using this product prior to shaving creates smooth, silky legs. I even use it to prep my lady parts for my monthly wax. It is just that safe and truly makes me waxing experience much more comfortable. Not to mention the miracle the happens when used on feet during warmer months. No more cracked heals! 

  • Simply spray Sex A Peel to the CLEAN area you wish to exfoliate. This can be done before or after using Japanese Cleansing Oil.
  • Using your clean hands, gently rub the product on your skin. You will immediately see skin sloughing off! It is simultaneously satisfying and disgusting.
  • Be very careful when applying to the face, not to get product in the eyes. If so, rinse eyes immediately. 
  • Do not use on burnt or healing skin.

I love using this product on all my makeup clients. When my brides do not have a spray tan, I will even use it on their neck, chest, shoulders and back to create a perfect glow!

kim baker beauty blogger skincare sonia rosellie beauty water balm moisturizer skin prep

the grand finale.

The most simple of the three products with the most dimension. Water Balm is a day cream, night cream, eye cream, serum, makeup primer, and gives a natural glow to the skin. It can be applied in an airplane to sooth skin from the dry air and on top of makeup mid day to refresh the skin. I cannot live without the product in my personal and professional kit!

  • Using the spatula provided scoop out a large pea sized scoop of Water Balm onto your finger tips.
  • Gently spread evenly over entire face. Do not fully massage product into skin.
  • Gently tap product into face, breaking up the small water bead that form. This will release the serum and toner into your skin.
  • Allow a minimum of five minutes before applying SPF or makeup on top of Water Balm.
  • If you use any serums, apply before Water Balm. WB will trap the product and allow for better and deeper absorption. I personally use a brightening serum, hyaluronic serum, and eye cream AM/PM and a vitamin C serum in the AM. 

There you have it folks. My skin care obsessions. Feel free to contact or comment with any questions. Or better yet, purchase the products and try them for yourself! I promise, you will not regret it. 

Xo, Kim