2017: year in review // kim baker beauty.


What a year it was! I took a lot more risks and got a lot more reward. 

I started the year by attending my first Tuesday's Together meeting, a smaller division of the larger Rising Tide Community. 

Holy moly folks. If you are a small business, do yourself a favor and go to at least three meetings in one year. I say three because there are always different attendees and you never know who will ignite your lightbulb. The gist is that you are learning from others in similar situations and forming a support group. I cannot even begin to explain the amount of information I learned from these other small business owners that directly changed the way I run my business. 

Networking. Oh networking.

A word I was so scared of for far too long. I was gliding through in my business on friends and friends of friends. But I knew this networking thing could take my business to next level status. 

Oh boy, did it!

Let's just say I went from no styled shoots under my belt to 4 within a year! One of which will be published in the spring and two more are waiting on being picked up. Yes, the publishing thing is amazing and great for business, but so are the connections and experience through working each one.

Another huge influence in my business has been the Glossible facebook communities. They're private groups for makeup artists and enthusiasts to share their stories, work and questions. These groups single handedly changed my contract simply because I didn't want what happened to others to happen to me. 

Glossible taught me to respect my business and myself as a business owner.

This is a whole other blog within itself.

On another note, Glossible gave me Sonia Roselli Beauty. Skin prep heaven. 

Oh yea! And I guest blogged for Alyson Nicole! She makes beautiful made to order bridal accessories. 

And I completely rebranded by building this beautiful website, making new business cards, and blogging. Yea. This blogging thing is new too. SEO... blah blah blah. 

I continued to assist Priscilla Francine Makeup and also added Lupe Does Makeup to my team of mentors. 

In all, 2017 kind of felt like the start of a new chapter for Kim Baker Beauty. Sometimes it's exciting. Sometimes scary. A lot of times completely overwhelming. Regardless, I am on this rollercoaster and not ready to get off it anytime soon! Come along for the ride!

See you in 2018! xo