nina + eric.

At the start of my makeup career, I was working with a photographer once or twice a month. Our models were our friends. The first time Nina was sent to my house, we hit it off immediately. She was an absolute sweetheart and quite hilarious. We worked together several times and kept in touch through social media. 

Nina was also the one to refer my first solo bride, Sarah, and again referred another bride a year later. 

Nina has seen my business grow from a small sprout to the blooming flower it is now. 

When she asked me to be her bridal artist I was so touched and over the moon excited. I knew we would have a blast together. 

And of course we did!

The trial was fun, and I created a look Nina liked. But I don't do just "like", I do LOVE! I knew I had to make some changes. And, boy, did I hit the nail on the head! 

Using the same color palette agreed on at our trial, I simply added drama with the eyeliner. She was over the moon with the completed look, which is the biggest compliment that I can get! 

What was even more touching, and often my favorite part of a wedding, was seeing Nina with her best gals. Especially on this day. Nina had gone through some hardship leading up to the wedding, including a trip to the ER that week. Her friends truly rallied around her in the most beautiful way. And to hear how her man was such a support brought tear to my eyes. 

I left Nina's bridal suite with a full heart that day.