michelle + johnny.

Michelle and I met in middle school, but our friendship truly took off when we joined the dance team our freshman year of high school. 

We spent so much time together that her mom called me the "Other Daughter". 

High school came and went. College put a few hundred miles between us, but we continued to dance through one another's lives. 

Early on in college, Michelle met Johnny. He was always so sweet, welcoming, and had a new story to tell. I saw his love for Michelle in his desire for her to always have fun. To this day, you can see his face light up when she is dancing. 

Michelle is the friend who likely reaped the most benefits of my makeup addiction. Every youth group or high school dance, every dance team performance, Michelle sat down and I painted her face. 

When I heard the news of Michelle's engagement, I was not only overjoyed for the two of them, but elated knowing I would be the one to transform Michelle on her wedding day. It is such a special experience to evolve in your career with a friend's support the entire journey. In fact, there is a high chance that Michelle was the first "client" in my chair ever!

I have painted Michelle's face in all different styles from costume to dramatic to natural. Knowing her personal makeup choices, I knew exactly the look should would want. Once she explained her wedding to me, it was so clear. 

Clear, bright and glowing skin.

Simple, neutral, but glamorous eyes.

Natural, individual lashes.


You may recognize this face! From my website homepage and business cards!

The big day came and it was so special. I really took my time so we could fully enjoy the experience. Fortunately, Michelle hired a wonderful photographer, Johnathan Massmann, and he was present for our makeup session. 

In addition to gifting Michelle her makeup service, I framed three photos of me doing her makeup throughout our friendship. Leaving a space for her to add one more. We walked down memory lane just before starting her appointment. It is a memory I will forever cherish. It is truly an honor having a skill that I can share with people on their wedding day.