the perfect pair of leggings.

My friends. Who else has a difficult time finding the perfect pair of black leggings? I want another option for casual pants during cooler weather that look nice. I feel like my options are jeans or sweats and I have nothing in between. Anyone else with me?

I asked, for suggestions via facebook and the response was overwhelming. 

So, here is what I am going to do. I will list and link below all the suggestions. As I try various leggings, which may take some time as I am not made of money, I will update this post. If you have any reviews to share, feel free to comment or reach out via email. 

My perfect pair of leggings are dark black, pass the bend test (when I bend over they are not see through whatsoever), have a thick band, the band goes past my belly button (preferably up to my bra- suck it all in!), and my booty looks good! 

Lynn A. - Girlfriend Collective ($68)

"Girlfriend Collective! They’re made from recycled plastic bottles and are sooooo soft!!"

Diana L. - Lularoe ($29-60)

Why are these so hard to find online? I found some on ebay. I'm not certain, but I believe this is a direct sales company. 

Margie G. - GAP ($15-80)

"Oddly I find mine at gap. I buy them every year. They're thick and hold everything in. I got a giant booty that needs sum holding!"

Beth B. - Yummie ($31-50)

"Yummie. They have a great high waistband. I usually can find then onsale online."

KBB Review: My sweet mother purchased me a pair of these from Nordstrom Rack. She wears them regularly and they always look great on her. I was so excited to put them on, they seemed to meet all of my requirements. At first wear, they appeared to be perfect! And then the bend test... FAIL! They were so see-through for me! Back to the drawing board.

Shane M. - Walgreens ($5-12.99)

"Crazy, but my absolute faves are fleece lined from Walgreens..."

Rachel W.

"Everyday: Zella Live In High Waisted - Nordstrom ($54)

Working Out: Girlfriend Collective

I also like the Lucy High Waisted ($108-118) or Lululemon High Times ($98+).

Source: I wear a LOT of black leggings"

Audra W. - Black House White Market ($39.95-60)

"These look really nice and hold everything in."

Azeen N. -  Express ($19.90-80)

"Love Express leggings. Thick and not see through!"

Emily A. - Black Milk ($40-90)

"Black milk and only black milk, size up. I should mention, worth all the pennies, these puppies 'aint cheap"

KBB Note: several have cell phone pockets. Brilliant!