Where are you located?

San Jose, CA between Campbell and Willow Glen

How far will you travel?

Travel, no matter the distance, is not a problem. I charge $1/mile. Lodging must be provided when start time is before 9:00am and travel time is 60 minutes or more. Parking and tolls are also added to the final bill. 

Additionally I will fly to you! All travel and lodging costs are made by myself and paid by the client within 14 days of booking when traveling by airplane.

Do you take weddings on Fridays?

Sometimes. I also work during the week as an early childhood educator. To provide my students with consistency, I do my best to take as few days off as possible. That being said, I will consider any request. 

Will you travel for one client?

Absolutely! I will travel for any amount of clients. All the same terms & conditions apply. 

Do you offer discounts?

In order to treat all clients equally, I provide the same price for everyone. I suggest all clients plan early and accordingly. In my personal and professional experience, you get what you pay for.

I will however offer a payment plan for clients who prefer to pay in smaller incriments. 

When should I book my complimentary bridal trial?

I believe a trial is best booked for 1-2 months prior to the wedding date. Often, when there is too much time to think, clients will second guess their own judgment and request a second trial. This is not a problem, a fee of $90 is due at the time of booking. However, I find this often adds unnecessary stress.

I live out of the area, and need to have my bridal trial the week of my wedding, is that ok?

We will work together throughout your wedding planning to make sure you receive all the attention you need in the time frame that works for you.

I do not like wearing a lot of makeup. I am feeling nervous about getting my makeup done. Can I have a trial before my friend/son/daughter's big day?

Of course! I pride myself in making sure my clients are happy with the way they look and feel. To schedule your trial, please contact me here or via email at makeup.kimbakerbeauty@gmail.com. If you are already on the schedule to receive makeup, your trial will be $90. However, if you have not yet decided and are not on the list for makeup, your trial will be $100. Payment for trials is due at the time of booking.

Is it possible to schedule a trial prior to signing a contract and paying my deposit?

Not a problem. If scheduling a trial prior to paying the 50% deposit to book your wedding date, I charge a separate fee of $100. Payment is due at the time of booking.

Do you offer airbrush makeup services?

Airbrush makeup is not a service I provide. However, I am well educated in skincare and long wear makeup application. My kit contains multiple foundation and skin care options in order to create the look you desire.

Should I buy my own makeup for my wedding?

The pre-wedding makeup trial will help us map out your exact needs. Often, brides will want to purchase their lip color so as to reapply. We will decide on this at your trial so you can make any purchases you desire. However, purchasing makeup is unnecessary. I will provide everything you need during your appointment the day of your wedding.

I have allergies or sensitivities to many makeup or skincare products. I am nervous to hire someone but want to look flawless on my wedding day.

It is completely understandable that you are nervous. If you communicate your concerns with me prior to your trial, I will take my time to research your allergy or sensitivity to be fully prepared. In these cases I also ask that you bring any makeup and skincare products that already work for you. I may or may not use them. 

What if I cry? Will my makeup run or come off?

My kit is full of products that withstand heat and tears. However, makeup will move or come off when wiped. I always coach my clients to pat their tears or tilt their head back to allow the tears to fall back into their eyes. 

How do I plan my wedding morning so we don't run late?

Together with your vendors, we will complete a timeline and I will help you be on time. I pride myself in my timeliness. I schedule an hour for each client with 30 minutes to set up and 30 minutes at the end to apply lips and do any last minute touchups.

Why does the Bridal Package cost more?

Working with brides makes me oh so happy, but requires more than just showing up. For instance, I create a timeline for you that may require me to communicate with other vendors. Or I may need to do some research or shop for specific lashes. Bottom line, working with brides is more than a show up and apply makeup job.

I have a large bridal party. Do I need to hire a second makeup artist?

Leave this to me. I have other artists I reach out to with similar styles and products to mine to ensure a smooth day, happy clients, and cohesive makeup applications.

Do you do hair?

I am not a professional hair stylist. That being said I do enjoy styling simple curls every now and again, especially for engagement sessions, and I offer hair trials as well. 

Do you provide donations or volunteer?

Helping others is a personal value of mine. I have contributed to school fundraising and charity events through my business. I would love nothing more that to be a part of your event!

So, you're gluten free, but what can I get that you'll eat?

Unfortunately, I cannot eat corn either, but don't over think it too much. Veggies, a sandwich with gluten free bread, or a salad works for me! PS. Thanks! <3