what is branding?

Branding. Personal brand. Cohesive brand. Cross platform branding. 

Heard these terms recently? 

Regardless if you own a business, you are a brand! Who you show yourself to the world is your brand. What we wear, what we post to social media. It all affects the brand that people see us as. 

How can I help you and your brand? 

When you hire me for a personal branding session, at minimal, I help find a photographer and design and execute a beauty style for you. From there, my services can also include attire styling and choosing a location. 

These sessions excite me so much! Unlike bridal, this is about who you are on a daily. Are you trying to convey the more relaxed easily approachable side of you, or do you want to show the world you're a tough cookie who takes no bull!? Regardless, I am here to help you figure it all out. 

Enjoy some of my branding work as captured by Stephanie Asavale Photo of Erica Estrada of E 33 Bay Area: wedding and event coordination and Sharon Hadden of I'm Social Savvy Consulting Group.

sick of MOIC yet?

As if you haven't yet been spammed enough with Museum of Ice Cream. Here is yet another blog post and more pictures!

A week ago, Bianca and I jaunted up with the city for a fun evening full of sweet treats. 

Side note: we hadn't eaten sugar in a month. HELLO SUGAR RUSH! There was a lot of this going on...

From the very start, the experience was a blast. Each employee was head to toe in pink and with the attitude to match. Upon entering, your group chooses a team name. Ours: the NeapoliTEAM. And our team captain was the cutest baby girl with tan skin and piercing blue eyes. Yea, this baby fever thing is real!

I loved how the rooms were interactive and the staff helped to make the experience special. But the room that really took the cake was the sprinkle pool. This is what we would call a sensory experience in the preschool world. No joke, I sat down, sunk in and was so relaxed. I get why it was the only timed experience throughout the museum, but can I pay just to sit in the pool?

My second most anticipated exhibit was hopping on the unicorn to get some killer boomerangs. 

Did I nail it?

Regardless, I was having a lot more fun than everyone else waiting to get in the mini mirror room.

If you ever have the chance to visit an interactive museum experience, I highly recommend it. Sure, the photo ops are great, but more so, we had a fun evening together that was out of the norm. We live for mixing it up!





love note.

I have been diving into Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger podcast (I am officially obsessed), and took some advice from one of her early interviews. I reach out to a handful of people and asked what they thought of Kim Baker Beauty. I asked clients, colleagues, and my wife. 

Holy moly folks. My wife totally swept me off my feet. She even read her note aloud. 

Side note: I asked for a list or sentences. 

And this is what I got...

"When I think of Kim Baker Beauty my first thought is CONSISTENT. And I use the term consistent in its best possible form. Consistency showcases through all her work from personality to professionalism and talent. 

Kim’s personality is what makes her brand so strong. She always makes a client feel welcomed and comfortable. She asks several questions to better understand the client's comfort level, skin type and overall look they’re attempting to generate. I often hear from her clients that they 'don’t wear makeup often' or that they 'don’t want clown makeup.' She always puts her clients' worries at ease and delivers work that brings out their natural beauty. 

Kim is as professional as they come. From the day you contact her inquiring about possible makeup request to the day she delivers, communication is consistent and thorough. She’s always early to events and ensures strict timelines are met. She is no stranger to the bridal suite flow. Nerves are very high day of wedding but Kim’s professionalism mixed with her sweet personality is a perfect recipe for mellowing out the room while still maintaining a fulfilled environment. 

Talent! Man oh man does this woman have talent. Not only does Kim have natural talent but she also works very, VERY hard to stay updated on the latest makeup lines, trends and application tips. She is constantly doing research to better her brand. Her work is never over the top (unless requested but it’s always tasteful), subtle yet natural and of course BEAUTIFUL just like her. 

I’m so proud of my wife and all she’s accomplished thus far. Her drive for this line of work and bettering her brand is admirable and I can’t wait to see what the future brings."


best of grammy makeup 2018.

I have to be completely honest, the Grammy's were on in the background while I was working, and I didn't even watch the red carpet. Regardless, I love going online the following day of an award show to see the style choices.

Ladies and gents... my top 6 faces of the Grammy's! 

Note: I was unable to find the makeup artists. Shout out to the talent who painted these faces!!



The one makeup I really noticed during the awards was Pink. And of course, I cannot find the perfect picture for the life of me! For me, she was pure perfection. Simple and flattering. Not over the top. Dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt.


Janelle Monáe

Her skin! Oh em gee! All the heart eyes! Completely flawless! 

But then, her eyes. I love a completely subtle and simple look with a fun pop of color. This teal under Janelle's eyes is so perfect and still subtle against her warm cocoa skin.

And then the look is topped of with bold brows and a nude lip. This is what my dreams are made of!


Camila Cabello

This look will literally never go out of style. Or at least I hope it doesn't. Clean skin, glamorous neutral eyes, and a rosey nude lip. I especially love how she paired this look with a classic red dress and nails, loose curls, and the "Time is Up" white roses. 

This look is forever classicaly sexy. 



This Hip Hop beauty is sporting my recent favorite look. Naturally bold but groomed brows, simple eyes, full lashes, glossy nude lips, and a bright matte coral cheek.

This look is so flattering on EVERYONE! 

Miley Cyrus and Lorde

These ladies are easily my top two. Talk about a transformation. These women are showing us their maturity by stripping down and showing up. I am obsessed with their simply flawless skin and simple eyes. There is nothing more glamorous than simple perfection. Not to mention how their eyes and subtle smiles then become the starring features. 

Any brides up for this inspiration?   


published again! tea party engagement shower.

I am overjoyed to share with you that another creation of mine has been published on the Dancing With Her Blog!

"Dancing With Her is the world's leading wedding resource for lesbian women. It's more than just a magazine, Dancing With Her is also an online blog, journal and directory of some of the very best vendors from around the world."

Not only is my work being published, but to a LESBIAN wedding blog. Such an honor as it is part of who I am. Fingers crossed this publication will bring me more two bride bridal parties! I have my first in March and they could not be a better fit for me. Sometimes it's a little surprising how similar they are to us. 

I had the idea to put together a tea party because one, tea parties are adorable and two, I could get professional images of several gals at once. 

Since meeting at the start of last year, I wanted badly to work with Jen Vazquez. I felt immediately comfortable with her. When I approached her with the idea, she was sold without questions. She added to the concept by making it about the bride proposing to her gals. What a cute idea! She coached me through some of the process, and together we gathered a fabulous team! 

The true glue and team all star was Kayli from Crush Co. She took our idea and made it sparkle. I was absolutely blown away with her attention to detail. Not to mention that she is as big an Anthropologie fan as I am! 

For me, what set this shoot apart from others, was our clothing designer, Stephanie of Taste Studio. Each piece was meticulously hand made and oh so fitting- pun intended! You could see how fabulous the girls felt in their frocks. 

The shoot came to life with each of our other vendors as the layers and icing to a fabulous cake! Isabel Jackson Beauty worked along side me on hair. Salt and Honey baked up the beautiful and delicious tastes. Seascape Flowers provided the lovely floral. Katie Kubitz was the fabulous creative behind the calligraphy. One True Love Vintage and Abbey Party Rents SF furnished our tea party. Mod Mix Studio and Mod Mix Studio adorned the tables with linen. Tea Cups to Candles filled our gift box with her creations. And I honestly could not have stood upright without the assistance of Megan Donovan on two of the models. 

Last but not least, the always beautiful Fitz Place graciously hosted us and set the scene for the most beautiful shoot. 

what I know about marriage.

Today my wife and I celebrate five years of dating and three years since I proposed. A complete coincidence that they fell on the same day. 

In honor of our date-versary, we have both written up a short list of things we know to be true about marriage or long term commitment and some little tid-bits of advice. Enjoy!


  1. Make your own traditions that work for the two of you.   
  2. Your relationships with others change. 
  3. We enjoy silence and time apart even more. 
  4. Being married is easy and hard. Easy because love and Bff. Hard because EVERYTHING you do affects your love even more than before. 
  5. Put the phones away. In another room. 
  6. R E S P E C T


  1. Don’t take all arguments/fights personal. Instead, listen and help guide your spouse through their emotions. Easier said then done. 
  2. Choices in life are no longer one sided. You are now part of a team. Decide together. 
  3. Communicate. It’s hard but it’s necessary and helps you grow your relationship. 
  4. Respect one another, always. 
  5. Love endlessly.
  6. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Go on adventures like hiking, biking, picnics, romantic day getaways.

Photos by Brittany Bowen

women's march 2018.

I have to admit. I shy away from 99% of politics. Probably closer to 99.9%. It honestly hasn't been good for my mental health. Last year we sat out of the march.

Not this year.

Saturday, January 20, 2018 was my first official act of resistance. 

Anxiety. All the anxious thoughts. So many people. And the anger around the state of things. I was silent for most of the march. Taking in my surroundings. Being observant. Reading the fabulous signs. 

Today I marched in solidarity, to show my gratitude, and to be another body to show them how loud our voices are. 

Thank you to my sisters and brother at the front lines. Being the voice for us all. 

Why did you march?

styled shoot: winter wonderland.

When I set out to participate in styled shoots at the end of the past summer, this was the first one that was put into action. I had such a fabulous time meeting new vendors and creating together. I got hooked on the style shoot train immediately. 

Cross your fingers for us! We are still waiting on publications to respond. 

Cooordinator: Hermosa Weddings and Events / Photographer: Michelle Change Photography / Venue: the Fitz Place / Florist: Wildrose and Thyme / Catering: California Inspirations / Invitations: Boxed Wedding Inspirations / Hair: Beautiful One Makeup / Rentals: Williams Party Rentals / Wedding Dress: Collezione Fortuna / Groom’s Attire: Stitch and Tie / Videographer: Thomas Hughes Films / Linens: Party Crush Studio / Jewelry: Nik's Candi / Models: Tiana TranDon 

Find the video here

lesson learned: why you should pay for makeup lessons.

With all endless makeup videos and information out there, it may seem redundant and a waist of money to hire a professional. 

Does this youtube "beauty guru" have an esthetician license or the same exact skin type and face shape as you? Do they explain different applications and why?

Every face is different from the skin to the shape. A professional will work with your specific needs and give you little tricks that apply only to you. 

Here is what I do with my makeup students:

  1. Questions. I ask a lot of them. They help me to make a plan that is all yours. It helps me to know what you have and what you do already. 
  2. Skin care. Together we will discover your exact skin needs. Are you oily, dry, combination, sensitive, acne prone, aging? From there, I will make suggestions for daily and weekly skin care routines. 
  3. Makeup. You teach me your starting point- what products and techniques are already in your bag. From there we figure out what is missing and fill in the gaps. This could mean shopping together, tweaking some techniques you already have, or starting fresh and working from ground zero.
  4. We work hands on. You will try everything I am telling you so you can feel confident doing your makeup solo. 

What if our schedules or locations don't allow us to meet? 

No problem!

We can set up a video chat and do the same thing! So, let's set something up! Contact me today. 

golden globes: all about face.

With the standard of black at last night's Golden Globe awards in solidarity and support of an equal work place, I was excited and ready for all the clean and classic beauty looks. 

I was not disappointed. 

The following four women were my immediate loves. Their clean glowing skin and bold brows made my heart flutter.

The gal whose makeup took the cake was truly Emma Stone. It wasn't until today's articles in regards to the inspiration behind her look that won me over. Makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin took on the challenge of sending a message through her artistry. "...looking into the Women's Suffrage Movement of the late 1800s/early 1900s. [Goodwin says] 'I found these incredible banners, sashes, pins, and jewelry that women of the Suffragist Movement wore and they all had these three colors — green, purple, white — and those were the Suffragist colors. So I decided to make that my beauty message and to create and design a makeup that had a message of empowerment, so that was where the inspiration came from.'"


Who were your favorites of the evening? Share with a comment!